Eight Ways to Make a Miracle!!!

Advice to Live By!!!

After losing my Mother in June 2015, I was forced to dig through many memories. Things she had saved and 200 years of what my family had saved!!! It has been a reflective time with both sadness and joy!!! Today, I am sharing something I had saved!!! I think it is some of the best advice anyone could give!!!

  1. Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice, find the passion that stirs your soul and then follow it.
  2. Keep this in mind: You can’t give away what you don’t have. You can’t give happiness if you’re unhappy. Nor can you receive it. So create an inventory of love and joy.  The universe responds with the same energy that you send out.
  3. Embrace Silence.  Scientist and religious philosopher Pascal observed that all man’s unhappiness comes from his being unable to sit quietly in a room. So make time to be silent.
  4. Give up your personal history. Stop using past abuses and shortcomings to justify self-defeating behaviors. your past is over!  Focus on the Now!!!
  5. Don’t become mired in Resentment. When you resent people, you turn the controls of your emotional life over to them.
  6. Treat yourself as if you already are what you’d like to be.  Acting “as if” sets in motion the forces that make dreams come true. What you think about expands!!!
  7. Treasure your Divinity. Don’t forget that you are a part of God. The ever-present power of love that never abandons you and never runs dry!!!
  8. Avoid the weakening thoughts of shame, guilt, apathy, fear and anger.  Thoughts that empower you are peace, joy,love, and acceptance. Make a conscious decision to take charge of your thinking, Be an optimist!!!!

I found this published in “Family Circle” magazine January, 14, 2003. It is now yellow and had been hanging on my refrigerator for years. For some reason, this morning I got the message to look for this. You can call that angel intervention or whatever you choose!!! Now, I am sharing it with you!!!







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