Are You In The Field Of Play?

Are you on the field of play?
Or are you in the stands?
Or worse yet, in the parking lot?
There’s an old cliché that says the following:
There are three kinds of people:
   those who make things happen,
   those who watch things happen,
   and those who wonder, “What happened?”
Another way to put it is:
            You’re either in the stadium on the field of play,
making things happen,
Or . . . you’re in the stands watching those who
are making things happen,
Or . . . you’re in the parking lot, totally oblivious
about what is going on inside the stadium.

What is it you want out of your life?   I have recently been doing a re-evaluation

and am making a 90 day Run To Freedom!!!  This work includes improving myself in all of these 5 areas: Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Financial!!

No matter what, I will be moving forward in my life!!!

What will you be doing to improve yourself over the next 90 days?

If you choose you can take this Run to Freedom with me. Two great resources:

Make a Run To Freedom

90 Days To Freedom


Thank you to Tracey Billar for this information!!!


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