The Mule That Wouldn’t Be Buried!!

One day a mule fell into a dry well. The farmer directed his boys to bury the mule, but the mule refused to be buried. As the boys threw dirt down on him, he simply shrugged it off and tramped on it. Soon he had tramped so much dirt under him that he just walked out of the well. That which was intended to bury him was the very means by which he arose.

All great people have climbed up through difficulties. If their lives had been easy we would have never heard of them. In overcoming obstacles, one develops courage, strength, determination, and a ruffedness that may be needed for some great responsibility and opportunity farther up the road.

Don’t shy away from difficulties. They are so often the very means by which we are proven to be worthy of God given responsibilities. Rejoice in the difficulty, knowing that God has counted you worthy of the test. “We are tried by fire.”

Difficulties are God’s errands; and when we are sent upon them, we should esteem it proof of God’s confidence.——Beecher

I like this story because it shows the determination of the Mule. Sometimes, the dirt in life is dropped upon us. Hopefully, you will shake it off tramp it down and stand on higher ground.

I believe many times the weight of finances fall upon us. We carry debt, we have bills that mount, it seems we cannot get out from under that financial pressure.

It is shown here that the mule shook off the dirt and stood upon it.

It is the same with finance, take a little at a time, save it and stand upon it. Soon you will rise to the top!! I encourage you to save in Gold!!! Rise to the top just like cream on fresh milk.  We are here to help you!! Visit



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