Momma said, “There will be days like this!”

Teena Drake

Have you ever began your morning with full intentions of waking up and enjoying each moment of the day? Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed? Only to walk out the door, slam your ankle in the screen door, have multiple phone calls with someone needing something from you, your special dinner is a disaster and you realize the bills are piling up?

Of course you have! Everyone could make a list of what IS happening at that moment. If you are reading this right now you can probably create a long list of daily events or circumstances that irritate you.

The truth is your momma or a loved one told you there would be days like this. However, you can reset, not necessarily redo. I know I would not want to redo those days or moments. Therefore, a reset is important.

How? Most of the time it is simple…

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Will You Be A Part Of Making America Great Again? — networkmarketingreality

ARE YOU GOING TO HELP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? While this article addresses the US specifically, people are waking up to this threat to families worldwide. Karatbars International is the Global Gold Solution Machine! We need to GO FAST NOW and let everyone know about the protection and opportunity Karatbars offers to people in over 100 countries. When a mission meets […]

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Fear? Worry? Anger and Resentment? 

Teena Drake

I love you! Those three words can carry an emotional attachment that creates fear and worry depending on how you feel. Yes, I am continuing to discuss ways to feel your way to happiness.

What about finding the love of my life? I want to have love! I want to love and be loved! How can I have that? This may appear to be too simple. However, the few steps I am about to explain are simple and follow the same guidelines as the Universal Law Like Begets Like.

Step one: stop wallowing with the pigs!!! Meaning we all know he or she hurt you and they are crazy and you are damaged and and and and!!! How many times have you told the story? Each time you tell the story it continues to create and recreate the negative emotion and feeling. All people have a toxic person float in…

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