“Destiny is not a matter of chance,

it is a matter of choice!!!

It is not a thing to be waited for

it is a thing to be achieved!!”

William Jennings Bryan

American Orator and Politician

What Is Your Destiny?  Will you choose to be a poor, hard worker for 40 years? 

Or will you learn new skills and strategy to live your dreams? Are you willing to develop yourself to live a better life, or resign to be in a rut? You know a rut is just a grave with no end!!!

What will you do?

Start now to learn a new strategy to build wealth!! With wealth comes more health, more freedom, more chances for happiness!!! Spend your time with the people you love doing things you want to do!!!

Start here and now, to learn and do something different with your life:

Start Now!!!!

What is Integrity?

Last week, I was taking a class and learned something so important. I would have told you that I lived with Integrity. But, I learned that maybe I was not totally correct. Here is what I mean!

I have been doing this 90 Days to Freedom with my team!!! We are to work on 5 areas of our life: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Financial!! That is all good, set my plan and went to work improving myself. I had some work to do!!!

Then, last week I took a class under T. Harv Eker. He defined Integrity as whole and complete!! That didn’t seem to bother me cause, I was working on the areas of my life.

I do what I say I am going to do!!! Right? Yes, I am always doing for other people!!

Part of Integrity is to Keep Your Word!!! I do that!!! Then, he said, but people whine about the “Law of Attraction” not working for them. I had thought that myself!!

Then, he explained why, Keeping  Your Word, means keeping your word to yourself too!!!

How many times, do we complete everything else for everyone else in our lives, then when it comes time to do for ourselves we stop. I am too tired!!! That is one of my greatest excuses. T. Harv Eker explained, if you say to the universe I am going to do this for myself, then don’t do it, the universe is not going to get behind you. Because, you didn’t keep your word to yourself!!! That slapped me right up side of the head.

So, acting in integrity is keeping your word to others and yourself!!! So, I have to improve keeping my word to myself!!! Then, as I take action the universe will see I mean what I say, get behind me and set the momentum!!!

One last point, if you are not going to do it, don’t say that you are!!!