Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!!!

Parents!!!! Sex is not a Secret!!! This book has been written by Teena Drake as a handbook for anyone dealing with children!!! This is the launch!!! It is a must read!!! You won’t believe how much students do not know!!!

I have an old saying,”When hormones kick in, the brain kicks out!!!

Mrs. Drake in her first year as 8th grade Science teacher,  learned that her students were terribly misinformed. In fact, several 8th grade girls became pregnant. No, they were not dating!!! The students were sharing information with each other, “Like if you jump up and down after sex you will not get pregnant!!” Well, that didn’t prove to be scientific!!

In the school system where Mrs. Drake was teaching “Sex Education” had been removed. Not that I think that it was totally adequate to teach children, it was better than what the students knew. The proper healthy emotional development starts at home. I know some parents are not prepared to be parents!! This book is for the responsible parent who wants their child to develop a healthy sense of themself!!! May I ask do not wait until they are grown and say, “I don’t know what I did wrong” It is the parent that needs to take responsibility if they are going to have kids. My daughter was 11 before I took parenting classes. She was out maturing me!!! Parenting is a roller coaster ride anyway, but I was an emotionally immature parent. How about you?

I went on to become a Registered Nurse. I have heard stories that would curl your hair!! LOL!!! Even with my education, I had many times that I found out my daughter did not have the correct information about her body and sex. However, she was not talking to me after puberty. I directed her to my friends that were health care professionals. Thank goodness she heard that part!!!

Parenting is the most important job any person will ever have!!! Sex education is part of that job!!!

It does not matter how innocent your child is, they are exposed to other people out there!! It is better for the parent/grandparent/caregiver of the child to start age appropriate discussions in a safe, loving environment. Please understand, do not wait until the hormones kick in around Puberty!! If you wait that long, the child feels embarressed and will not share what they already know or do not know!!! Start early, the child will get bored if you get too deep past their interest!!! Use this handbook to realize that kids are curious whether you tell them or not. You are not protecting them by bringing your own hangups into parenthood!!

Because of lack of the right information, we have children raising children!!! It’s hard enough to be a parent when you are mature. Then, I think the parent needs to be taking some parenting classes along the way. We bring our own issues into our family!!! If you have kids well, you probably had sex!!!

One thing I must add here, if you are not communicating with your young children, you are allowing them to be open to molestation!!! If they can’t tell you, will they tell if someone is inappropriate with them.

This is the first step, read the book. Mrs. Drake is willing to speak to groups about all she has learned at school and raising 4 children.

This book is only $10. It is already ready on Amazon. Soon, Kindle will have it.

Anyone, local can order directly from the Author and get a signed copy!!.If we ship, we will charge approriate shipping charge.  Mrs. Drake is on facebook and her email is teena.drake@gmail.com. Please put request for book in subject line!!! Books are in stock right now!!! So, get yours now!!!


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